Friday, 28 September 2012

New things

Little one's new feed... One weeks worth.

It's a little milestone that he is now a big enough size to trial the 'big kid' feeds. We will then move on to the more concentrated version which means less volume for the day. He is a very gifted vomit boy and we are trying to eliminate the quantity of vomits. Gastro are still talking about transpyloric feeding once his peg tract has formed. We'll see how things go.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

I am grateful for... Mr Tim Hot Stuff McGraw

Photo of Tim from his official website
This morning I am grateful for Tim Gorgeous McGraw.

His music makes me smile, it has been part of the soundtrack for the past 16 months and I always imagine being a million miles away on a property looking at nothing but the horizon each way I turn (which on some days has been more than a helpful coping mechanism).

We have a very odd collection of music in our house and lately the boys are either dancing to the Jersey Boys soundtrack, Tim, Mumford & Sons or James Taylor.

We dance around our shoebox living room and little one smiles and claps his pudgy little hands. The boys favourite is Fly Away... I think because of the counting.

Today I am particularly thankful for Tim.

Thank you for helping me to get through little ones treatment and recovery. It also helps that you are a gorgeous piece of work! But my beautiful husband thinks your wife is a gorgeous piece of work and I absolutely agree with him, she is a stunner!

A slight diversion... Smiles

Sorry, no link to where I found this, but I thought it was beautiful. Borrowed from a friend of mine who is one of the most inspirational mothers that I have met in the last 16 months. She is amazing, open, witty and honest,
It's been a while since posting and I'm not sure why. Little one is doing well, still at home, still ok and still smiling like he has discovered the best kept secret ever. He smiles like there is no tomorrow and he smiles through vomit out of his nose (due to his non existent cleft palate) and he smiles when he sees me. His smile makes everything better and his smile makes me more amazed than ever that he can smile after everything he has been through.

I can spy him smiling at me when I'm in the laundry and I can spy him smiling at our Ruby dog when she walks past. I like to think he is enjoying his life outside the Hotel Royal Children's and I like to think that he is enjoying his life as part of our little family.

He makes me smile when I see him and he makes me smile when I think about him. And he makes me grateful for so many more things than I ever thought possible.