Thursday, 27 September 2012

I am grateful for... Mr Tim Hot Stuff McGraw

Photo of Tim from his official website
This morning I am grateful for Tim Gorgeous McGraw.

His music makes me smile, it has been part of the soundtrack for the past 16 months and I always imagine being a million miles away on a property looking at nothing but the horizon each way I turn (which on some days has been more than a helpful coping mechanism).

We have a very odd collection of music in our house and lately the boys are either dancing to the Jersey Boys soundtrack, Tim, Mumford & Sons or James Taylor.

We dance around our shoebox living room and little one smiles and claps his pudgy little hands. The boys favourite is Fly Away... I think because of the counting.

Today I am particularly thankful for Tim.

Thank you for helping me to get through little ones treatment and recovery. It also helps that you are a gorgeous piece of work! But my beautiful husband thinks your wife is a gorgeous piece of work and I absolutely agree with him, she is a stunner!

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