Monday, 1 July 2013

photos for the local newspaper

We had nominated one of our beautiful nurses from the Royal Children's for a Pride of Australia medal - last October (after we had spent the day together with Jodie doing an endocrine test on little one - for 4 hours of bloods and toe pricks).

In the last few weeks we had some photos of taken for our local newspaper and I couldn't be prouder of our boy and Jodie.

The photo looked great and I am praying and hoping that her nomination will be one of the top three in the State as then she will go through to Australia wide nominations.  She really deserves to be recognised for her work and also to be a representation of our amazing nurses at the Royal... fingers crossed.

Here is a link (hopefully) to the article: Pride of Australia nomination for our nurse Jodie

P.S. Photos courtesy of soon to be 6 year old son!

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