Friday, 12 October 2012

And we are back...

Little one and Wags (note the very excellent sitting, very proud of that boy)
We have been back in since last Tuesday. He wasn't breathing very well when we came for our echo and to see Dr Brain. I was not overly worried about him at the time but his cough had definitely changed. Little one had a new line and some lung testing done on Thursday. So a few days in PICU due to the anaesthetic. He is back in theatre this coming Thursday for a few more things... Organising his little body all over again.

We are back in one of my favourite wards with some of may most favourite nurses ever, so I am happy (although already over being in).

My gorgeous piece of work of a mother is with little one tonight, so we get to spend some time at home with the big boys. The bigger little one gets the harder it is to leave him. We used to have every Sunday night at home and now I can't imagine that at all.

So let the hospital distraction start... My banking and bills will be up to date in a few days time, I will blog more and I will have time to think about what needs to be done around our shoebox house and leave To Do lists everywhere.

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