Saturday, 20 October 2012


We are very bored this afternoon... But the great news is we are expecting company! My girlfriends are bringing wine and cheese. The weekends can be the hardest when I know the big boys are hanging out together, so the girls are a very welcome distraction.

I wont see the big ones until Tuesday, so I am trying not to think about time. It is such a cliche, I want to enjoy every second but then all on one thought, I just want the next 10 days over so we can go home again. At least we go home home, many of the family's stay at accommodation houses near the hospital and can be nearly 2 years without being home home for any extended period of time.

I miss my big boys, all three of them but am trying to be grateful that at least we have an end date of home time rather than never knowing when home day was which was what we dealt with for 10 months. There is really truly no place like home (your own bed, bathroom and backyard... Oh and having all of my little family under the one roof).


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