Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Inspiration when I needed it...

The right place at the right time and I found exactly what I needed to hear to lift my spirit.

I found A-M's blog our second day in to transplant and I have been stalking it ever since. I have never commented or mentioned it before but it is my most favourite blog ever and one of the inspirations in starting my own.

Her writing is honest, insightful and her thoughts are so human, ,motherly and normal. I want to send her one of our little one's thank you cards (But I don't want to really seem stalker-ish) because her blog got me through many restless nights and was a very welcome distraction first thing in the morning after normally very long nights of morphine and mucositis.

I used to check a million times over at about 5ish in the morning to see if there was a new post... I used to try and beat or be on the same timing as her posting... Odd but nothing else to do in a positive pressure air locked isolation transplant room!

Since I have revealed my most favourite blogger, I intend to link to her site more often. She is amazing and a joy to stalk her blog every day.


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