Thursday, 27 December 2012

The day after Boxing Day

I am back and I am still tired. We have been busy enjoying life this past month with a trip to the beach, Christmas celebrations, a camping trip for my three big boys and having visits from one of my London sisters.

Now we are back in for a 10 day stay for IV treatment (I am learning that this is called a 'tune up' in no uncertain words.

One of my New Years resolution is to post more often. Some days go so fast I don't have time to think and I want to keep track of everything. I want my life to pause some days so I can keep my boys this age forever. They are so lovely and smell so beautiful after their evening baths that they are truly the most divine things ever.

They rock my world, make me laugh hysterically, make me want to pull my hair out and press my rewind button because I swear some days I say the same thing constantly... It annoys me, I can't imagine how they must feel!

Stay tuned, we are going to be in for a massive 2013 filled with good stable health, wealth that is coming our way, simplicity of being together and peace at being home with our family under the one roof!


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