Monday, 27 May 2013

Cleft palate repair day

Little one had his cleft palate repaired (all of his soft palate and a little bit of the hard) last Thursday.  It feels like a milestone for us as this was the first thing discovered and then it will be our last big operation.  Our boy was gone for five hours while they worked on him and we went for a drive to get a few things done for the business.  My anxiety was bad the further we drove from the hospital but in general I thought I coped very well.  We only had two nights in PICU and were able to come home on the Saturday morning.
He is amazing to watch with his little arm splints on and they are not as bad as what we were expecting.  He can still use his arms and move around like normal.
His pain was bad yesterday afternoon and we sat on the couch together snuggling and watching TV.
His pain tolerance is amazing.  He smiles, gets on with things and know sounds like a baby lion cub.
We are one step closer to completely no more admissions.

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