Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bit of an off day

Little one is having a rough day. Temps of 38.9 and a lot more vomiting. His temp is going down slowly, but he is not himself and breathing too fast for our liking... Not his normal fast, but faster than his normal.
Big one is fighting a head cold and middle one has bumped his head to add to his existing bruise and cut one of his sucking finger fingers.
Trying to keep them all quiet and restful... It's just one of those days. They all smile through it and I love them beyond words for it. Little ones mood is all smiles but I think he is not feeling all that great.
I am looking forward to a more direct plan with respiratory this week. I am thinking he will need a blood transfusion tomorrow as his red blood has not had a chance to catch up from the weeks blood cultures, vancomycin levels and blood counts. He hasn't had a transfusion since early April, so it's a little reminder that I am putting a little too much expectation and pressure on little one (in my mind anyway). I am going to ease back and let him dictate what he wants to do instead of pushing him with his exercises and awake time.

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