Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hello Surf Ward... It's kind of nice to meet you


Back in... Once again hoping for only a few days.
It completely threw me yesterday, I was upset, crying and very very over thinking, worrying and wondering why little one can not have a week without any temp or infection. I go through the whole 'it's not fair for him, why does he have to go through this... It's not fair on the big boys' and then I move through to the I am so grateful for our beautiful doctors, I am so grateful for little one's temperament, I am so grateful for my mother and my sisters, I am so grateful for little one's patience... Overall I am feeling grateful today.
If you asked me that question yesterday afternoon when I was crying hysterically in to my mothers arms on our front lawn as she piled our big boys in for an overnight stay, then I would have answered with a whole lot of 'this is bullshit'. So I am happier with the grateful mood (oh and tired, but that seems to be the common theme at the moment and after 5 hours in DEM, anyone would feel tired).
I am grateful for little one's strength xx

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