Friday, 17 August 2012

First Plasma Donation

I spent an afternoon at the Brisbane blood bank donating plasma for the first time. It was completely less daunting that I was expecting and was a relaxing afternoon with warm tea, heat packs, a very comfy chair and cosy blanket.

I was amazed about the amount of people donating plasma. The chairs were filled, donation collected and then set up again for the next generous donor. There were suits working on their blackberry's with their arm connected, there were uni students, a taxi driver and what looked like some sort of a tradie. I wanted to thank them each personally as there donations may have been received by little one at some point. I am forever grateful for such an amazing service.

I also think every day of our donor. I dont know how I can put in to words or actions the gratitude we feel for her for saving our sons life. It would have been about 3 days of pain and discomfort, but she has provided our son with a new blood system and a new life.

You can follow this link to the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry and see how easy it is to join if you have the capacity. If you were able to see the amazing children going through I think anyone would sacrifice a bruised pelvis (it has been described to us as being punched in the lower back by Jonah Lomu) for a few days. I personally can't wait and would be honoured for a bruised lower back if it means saving a life (although I am very biased and have never felt so passionate about it until it has affected us directly... I didn't even know what bone marrow was until this time last year... I thought it was something you fed your dog)!

I hope that if i can raise enough awareness for even a few more people to join the Registry and allow our doctors the best tissue typing option matches for their patients, I will be thrilled!



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